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Tonya's new career in boxing is sure to keep her fans interested over the next few months.
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MESSAGE TWO--Here's a rather strong message that gives Hawaii as its origin.
Tonya - You are a complete disgrace to women's boxing/fighting. We are trying so hard for the general public to accept us as genuine and elite athletes, and here you go training a couple of months and go out there fighting like a lopsided tuna. There are women like myself that have trained for YEARS and have not had the opportunity to get fights because the slots are getting taken up by wannabe attention starved hussies like you. I would support you if you were taking this a little more seriously. But you are, unfortunately, representing ALL of the women that train their collective asses off EVERY DAY.
Tell me, if you had no idea what women's fighting was about, and the first women's bout you ever saw was yours how would you perceive it? It's taken us years to get where we are at today and after your performance it's gonna set us back just as many. If you want support in this sport then take it seriously. Train. Train HARD. And stop taking tomato can fights and start taking some real ones. Do us a favor and try to be a little more prepared before you take your next fight. Think about what you represent.

Tonya Harding entered the boxing arena as a celebrity easily defeating lesser celebrity, Paula Jones, in a TKO. The next time she entered the ring it was for real, up close and personal. In her first wild bout on Saturday, February 22, fans howling vociferously, Tonya lost a split decision by a one-point margin to Samantha Browning another novice also in her pro debut. No excuses, no sympathy with crimson face soaked with sweat, Tonya smiled as she posed for the cameras and vowed she would train even harder, endure the pain and seek to become a Champion once again. It was important that she not crawl back into her room with her tail between her legs; she had to keep reminding herself that she merely lost, but she did not fail.
Tonya Harding has plenty of heart; she does not recognize the word defeat; she also understands the posturing and the psychological warfare indigenous to boxing. She remained undeterred. Immediately afterwards she began training in earnest for the next fight which would take place on March 15th in Gulfport Miss. With deafening sounds from her new calling, she trained intensely a determined and willing pupil with a highly competent and dedicated staff. Running to improve her endurance, shadow boxing, sparring, and visualizing in deep states of relaxed meditation, she envisioned her next opponent: Shannon Birmingham, only this time the results were totally in her favor: in a four round match, Tonya seriously overwhelmed her adversary in a unanimous decision.
But there was no time to waste; no reason to gloat; back into the gym to train and learn and progress was her trainer Jeff Hargis’ advice to her, for in only ten days on March 28th, Tonya would be in the ring warring against Alejandra Lopez. Tonya is a scrapper or “Spunky” as Mike Tyson described her. She knows what she has to do and resolute to do it. The next nine months are completely booked with tougher matches, unrelenting training sessions and many hours of intensive meditation. This bad girl will undoubtedly prove to all those “legitimate” boxing pundits and nay Sayers that Tonya Harding is a determined contender who deserves a right to start somewhere and strive to become a world champion. Her next two matches will be May 2nd in Tulsa, OK and May 9th in Iowa. All contacts for Tonya Harding call Jeff Hargis at 6-5-4-9-6-59