November 13, 2005--
Terry Hall has a brand new issue of his "Portlandian" out,
and it is a Tonya birthday issue.
The issue isn't up on his website yet, so I've put a bit of it, without enabled hot links, below...

November 12, 2005 Edition - ANNUAL BIRTHDAY ISSUE
TM and (C) 2005 Portland Ice Skating Society
It's that time of year again! We hope that Tonya skates through
her birthday and does a triple axel over any obstacles that come
her way in the future!

Last time we checked in on Tonya she was on her way to the
Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey. Chiller is a large fan
convention with a mainly horror & sci-fi theme. We're pleased to
report that this was not only a success but so much of a success
that Tonya returned to Chiller a couple of weeks ago for their
Halloween event.
You can see photos from both these appearances on Charlie Main's
More photos of the earlier session can be found at:

Please visit Terry's site at
a little bit later for the full issue, which is quite lengthy!

May 5, 2003--this update from Terry Hall
Fellow Tonyaphiles:
Tonya's upcoming fights for May have been canceled due to a broken nose. The exact details are unclear - some reports say it was because of damage in her last fight and others say it was broken during sparring last week, but either way it seems that on the advice of her doctor Tonya has pulled out. "She has been at home, taking some time off to recuperate," trainer Jeff Hargis says. Her next fight was to have been at the Osceola Lakeside Casino Resort in Iowa on the 9th.
Tonya's next bout is planned for June 13th at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon. Details of Tonya's participation, including the opponent, are yet to be confirmed.
Terry Hall
Head of Special Duties Section
Portland Ice Skating Society - New Zealand's Tonya Harding fan club
Portland Ice Skating Society

February 23, 2003
Well, Tonya did box Saturday night, and unfortunately lost a split-decision. Links to more news can be found below courtesy of Terry Hall.
Yahoo! News on the Fight
More From Yahoo
East Side Boxing
The Oregonian

February 18, 2003
Fans, we'll just have to wait to see if the Tonya boxing match comes off as planned, since the main event with Mike Tyson may not take place. Those of you watching the news in the sports world know that the fight was called off by Tyson a few days ago, due to some sort of illness or injury. Just today, however, Tyson wanted the fight back on. His opponent, however, seemed a bit miffed at the whole situation and who knows if the fight will take place?--puppetboy

February 7, 2003
Just an update to let you know how Tonya is doing in her training for her upcoming boxing event.
As you probably know by now, she is the under card for Mike Tyson, who is the main event. Not bad for her first fight. She's been training very hard, and is in great shape.
She's looking forward to this new career move, and would like one day to become a world champion. If anyone can do it, our Tonya can. So if you happen to live in or near Memphis, I hope you'll go to see her and give her your support, if it's not sold out yet. It's on February 22 at the Pyramid in Memphis. It will be an exciting event, with a lot of media coverage. It would be wonderful for Tonya to have the support of her fans there to cheer her on. She sends her best to all of you, and hopes to see you there.
Best regards to you all,
Linda Lewis

August 16th, 2002--
Dear Tonya Fans:
As you most likely heard in the news, Tonya has accepted a deferred Prosecution regarding her recent DUI charge. This means that she will be taking classes regarding her problem with Alcohol. While it isn’t a severe problem at this point, she feels this is the best time to do something about it.
She has already been attending alcohol classes, and is making great progress. She wants you all to know that this is a positive step for her in her life, and is happy with her choice to do this. Tonya has been through a lot in the past, as you all know. Sometimes people turn to things to try to cope that aren’t always best for them. But she is now hoping that her life will go forward in a positive way. There has been a ground swell of support for her, and she is taking responsibility for her problem with alcohol. She well be attending the classes and will be spending 10 days in detention. The detention is because she still had three weeks left on probation. One of the stipulations was that she not drink. She feels the Judge was fair in his decision, and wants to accept the detention, and then put it behind her. She actually is feeling better that she has come to grips with this problem and has a wonderful chance to make things better in her life. As always, her concern is for you her fans that have stood beside her through the years. Tonya wants to make positive changes in her life, and thanks all of you that have been sending emails of support.
Warmest regards to all of you,
Tonya and Linda

April 21st, 2002--
4/20/02 Miss Harding feels fortunate that no one was injured, early Saturday morning, when her vehicle slid into a ditch. Though, earlier in the evening, Tonya did have a couple of alcoholic drinks, the cause of the incident was the result of mechanical failure.
Tonya was exiting from a gravel driveway, onto a main road, when the vehicle’s engine stalled, causing the power steering and brakes to fail. She was attempting to pull the vehicle to the shoulder of the road, when it slid into the ditch. Neither Miss Harding, or her passenger, were injured in the mishap. The vehicle was later pulled from the ditch, and driven home.
The passenger in the vehicle is a friend of Miss Harding’s family. The friend, and family members do not wish to be contacted, regarding this incident.

March 18th, 2002--
Here's some more boxing info, with an inside flavor, from Tonya's management:
Dear Fans:
First of all, Tonya would like me to send her thanks to all of you for your wonderful emails, and congratulations. She had a lot of fun doing the recent Celebrity Boxing on Fox. She was in good shape as you saw, and intended to have a fun time doing this event.
Having said that, I want to respond to some of the remarks that Paula Jones is making, regarding this so-called sucker punch that Tonya gave her at the end of the match. Tonya was told that if she wanted to stop the match, she could use one of two acceptable signals. One signal was to spit out her mouthpiece and the other signal was to tap her gloves together. Paula used neither of these signals to indicate she wanted to quit. The referee had not called it off, and Paula was just standing there with her head turned sideway when Tonya hit her. In the beginning, Tonya wanted to go out and just make it light, but as you saw, Paula drew a hard blow to Tonya’s head at the start of the match.
After the match, Tonya was told that Paula was in tears, so Tonya ran back to Paula’s dressing room to console her, but she’d already left for her limo. When Tonya saw her outside, she went up to Paula and told her she hoped she wasn’t hurt, and gave her a hug. I also did the same. Paula was in good spirits and laughing with her friend at the time. She certainly didn’t sound upset. Tonya thought Paula was nice, and is surprised at the negative remarks she has been making. But Tonya has been taking it on the chin (excuse the pun) and as usual, people want to make her out as the bad girl. But I was there, and I can tell you first hand, that Tonya felt bad for Paula, but was surprised that Paula came at her so fast in the first round. Tonya, by her own admission in a recent interview, said that she purposely held back at times, because she may have had an advantage being an athlete.
I wouldn’t bother commenting on this, but I’m getting tired of hearing Paula crying foul, and stating untruths. In an interview I saw today, she stated that Tonya had a lot of training as a kick boxer. That’s news to me, and I know her as well as anyone. She’s had offers to pose nude, skate topless, wrestle, and kick box. She’s turned them all down. Tonya hasn’t made a big deal out of Paula’s appearance in a certain men’s magazine. On the lighter side, Tonya still wants to be known as a figure skater, not a boxer.
So that’s all for now, from a first hand account, not media.
Until the next event, thanks to all of you,
Linda Lewis

March 15th, 2002--
Tonya won, if you haven't heard. A dominant victory over Paula Jones, but according to Terry Hall a dignified battle.
As Terry reports: And the winner is ....... TONYA! As we expected, she clobbered Paula and won by a TKO. This post to gives a good description of what happened:
"Lorrie Kim" wrote: I did manage to see the Harding/Paula Jones boxing match. It really wasn't sordid in itself, apart from the gimmick. Of course, they were entirely mismatched and Jones, after getting in one good hit to the jaw in the first round, spent the second and third rounds trying to get away. But they were friendly and respectful to each other afterwards. Harding complimented Jones and seemed happy that it was conducted reasonably as a sporting event. They weren't exploited -- they were dressed like boxers and they weren't ridiculed. Harding was given her due as a world-class athlete and Jones was praised for having the guts to fight her. Harding obviously enjoyed competing. I bet she does this again.

March 4th, 2002--
Well the news about a possible Paula Jones vs. Tonya Harding match has certainly kept our servers busy. We have some details, including the original set-up proposed with Tonya and Amy F., courtesy of Terry Hall from New Zealand way. Be sure to check out Terry Hall's site for more news and views.
Details to follow

November 13th, 2001--
Not a lot of great reviews from the general press on Tonya's appearance on the game show (see below), although what did we expect? Hear from Terry Hall in the latest Portlandian that the old doofus Phil "My Diaper is Full" Mushnick was moaning about how using Tonya on the show tarnished the image of the Olympics somehow. As for our opinion on Mushnick, see our wrestling section.

October 15th, 2001--
Word is that Tonya will be appearing on "The Weakest Link" game show either tonite or next Monday. Watch your sets! Thanks to Terry Hall for the heads up.

September 10, 2001--
As you may have noticed, we have made a few changes. First, we have dumped the "E-group", due to the frequent technical difficulties that made it less than enjoyable for many of you. Second, we have removed the membership lists in the interests of privacy. Third, we will begin featuring your comments (as warranted) on-site once again, since the opportunity to post them through the E-group is no longer possible. Thanks for your continued support!

Note: The news about Tonya for the dates ranging from Christmas 2000 through Labor Day 2001 was posted at the now-defunct E-group. To sum up very briefly, there was a rumor about nude skating (not true, of course), a Larry King appearance or two, and some regional public appearances. Since went down in the "dotcom" crash brought about by Al Greenspan and the Bush coup d'etat, Tonya's internet talk show never materialized.

December 22nd, 2000--Holiday Wishes from Tonya
First off, Tonya wants to send this Christmas greeting to everyone. "Hi to all my wonderful fans out there. I want to wish you all my love and thanks for your support this past year. It's been a difficult one, but I look forward to a new year, and some exciting things which are starting for me. Your love and support have helped to keep me going, and I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will be starting my radio show on the first part of January, and I look forward to meeting with you, so tune in. I'll let you know the exact date and time in a couple of weeks. My book is almost complete, and so hopefully it will be published very soon. I also have some other exciting events coming up, and I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to. In the mean time, please know that you all are appreciated so very much. Again, have a safe and happy holiday. A special thanks to all of you who are running websites for me. You have shown so much support for me, and I thank you all so much.
I also want to send my Christmas greetings and thanks to all of Tonya's fans and friends out there. I know that this year will be great for Tonya. She has so many new things happening for her. Be sure to tune into her radio show when it starts the first part of January.
Love to all,
Linda Lewis
Manager (Godmother) for Tonya

November 23rd, 2000
Happy Thanksgiving To My Fans
I just want to thank all of you for a wonderful year of support. I wish you
all the very best and happiest Thanksgiving. Also, thank you so much for the
wonderful birthday gifts from you. It made turning 30 that much easier.
Love to all,

October 14th, 2000
Tonya will be on skybox show again this coming Monday 10/16/00 at 9:20 am Pacific time.
Also, her dresses and silk-screen are now on eBay. --Linda Lewis

September 26th, 2000
We just found out that Tonya will be a guest on this Thursday at 9:20 AM Pacific time. Short notice, but tune in if you can. She'll be on the Skybox show. Her own radio show on eyada will start sometime before Christmas. They just signed Bill Walton and Reggie Jackson, so she'll be in good company. Look for listings in TV guide for other guest appearances the Skybox show on

August 18th 2000
Hi Tonya fans: We're back from a very quick but successful trip to Charleston, SC. Tonya was the guest of the Charleston Riverdogs baseball team, where she really charmed them. They were very nice to Tonya , and she had a great time. They showed the Southern Hospitality that you hear about so much. Tonya got to throw out the first pitch for the game, and helped do color commentary on the radio. It was a lot of fun for her. They had media there and she did several small interviews. It turns out that it's the biggest crowd they've had for a Tuesday game. Usually they only have a crowd of one or two thousand, but there were over 5000 people. They sold out almost all of their souvenirs, and Tonya ended up signing over 400 autographs. I wish you could have been there (if you weren't). The crowd welcomed her with cheers !! I see a turn around for Tonya. Many, many people told her to keep going and not give up. Which reminds me, I got a wonderful E-mail from a gentleman who was is in the military. While he was in Kosavo, he saw a poster of Tonya, and underneath it someone had written "Don't Give Up" ! That says a lot !! I hope you've been watching Tonya on TNN this past week. Be sure to log onto their website, to read about our little skater. After you log on there, click onto where it says TNN in the upper left hand corner. It will take you to the Tonya article. It's very nice. We were able to meet with the video producers while we were there. Things look very promising, but I can't go into detail at this time. I like to keep you informed, and I will keep doing so. I'll be sending photos of Tonya in Charleston to the website in a couple of days. Tonya's a lot younger, and doesn't get jet lag, but it's another story for me.......
Love to all, Tonya and Linda

August 12th 2000
For any fans living in or around the Charleston, SC area, Tonya will be the guest of the Charleston Riverdogs baseball team on 8/15/00. She'll be throwing out the first pitch, and will be signing autographs. Hope you can make it, if you're in that area. It's an evening game (if it doesn't get rained out). We'll only be there for the one day.
Also, Tonya has learned that she will definitely have her own talk radio show on The date of her first show has not been decided upon yet, but it could be early fall. It will be one hour every week, so you'll be able to log on and talk to her. We'll make a more formal press release when we know the date of her first show. She's also going to be the guest on three of their upcoming shows. We don't have the dates on those yet.
She's still working on her book with Linda Prouse, (still looking for a publisher). Also, there is a video production company interested in producing a skating video of Tonya, possibly a series. I'll keep you all posted on that subject too.
Don't forget to watch Tonya on TNN all next week 8/14/00 through 8/18/00 for Bad Boys Week.
Love to all From Tonya and Linda

July 27th, 2000
Check out the TNN press release about Tonya's upcoming cable TV appearance!

July 22nd, 2000
Dear Tonya fans and supporters:
Well, things are picking up for your favorite ice skater. By now, I'm certain that you've heard that Tonya will be hosting a whole week of programs for TNN in August. Contrary to what is being bantered about on a certain news group, Tonya is hosting several shows. It was quite a big production. TNN asked Tonya to do what are called wraparounds. She's hosting "Bad Boys" week, starting mid August. She's introducing such shows as Dallas, Dukes of Hazards, Cagney and Lacey, The Waltons, Matt Houston, and many, many more. I wanted to wait to let you know after I got the OK from TNN. From what I understand, she was chosen over several other celebrities.
She looks absolutely beautiful, and was very professional. She got to show her humor, which she hasn't had a chance to show in so many of the interviews she's done. Everyone that was involved in the production was very impressed with her.
Also, there are several other things pending at this time. I have taken over the role of manager/publicist for Tonya. I know her so well, and I will most definitely look out for her best interests. I want to see her succeed, and I know she will !
She's still working on her book, with Linda Prouse (and we're looking for a publisher). And don't think she's given up skating, because she's still one of the best. She had been invited to teach a skating camp as part of a festival in Maryland, but the promoters at the event felt that she wasn't right for their festival and wouldn't draw a crowd. Also, I wish to set the record straight about her appearance fee for that event. The fee was never decided upon, but they offered her $6700 to appear, that was their offer, which she was more than willing to accept. Again, the offer of that amount came from them. So the quote in the Washington Post was wrong. I found out who it came from, and already have had a conversation with that person. It's a shame, because Tonya was really looking forward to appearing there. She would have skated an exhibition, and taught up to 3 skate camps. She was also willing to skate with the children, and give a speech about staying out of trouble. But we harbor no hard feelings, and will just keep going forward. There are new offers coming in every week.
How would you all feel about a skating video of Tonya ? We're going to her fans to see what kind of response we get. If it's good, then that may be a possibility in the near future. Please e-mail and let me know. It would take some backing, but we're exploring that idea.
Tonya sends her love and warmest regards to all of you, as do I. I will keep you updated as things progress.
Best regards to all,
Linda Lewis
Manager/Publicist for Tonya Harding

June 12th, 2000
The transcripts of Tonya's Larry King interview are available at Nothing shocking, although apparently an "ice capades" deal was ruined by the "hubcap" thingee, as Terry Hall has already reported. Also, Tonya mentions her websites as the main evidence of support for her on-going skating career. See for yourself.

June 7th, 2000
Be sure to check out our main page for an announcement concerning Tonya's fast-approaching (June 8th) broadcasts on Also, we have been deluged with new joinees for the Friends Society as a result of the Larry King appearance, and we will endeavor to get everyone's name posted as soon as possible. We have your submissions, rest assured we will get them up. Thanks for your continued interest. Tell your friends!

June 6th, 2000
Seems Jeff "Gil-Stone" can't keep himself out of trouble, either. Yahoo! serves up a rather lame story, here

May 20, 2000
Make sure to see the statement on our main page.

May 18, 2000
Tonya has to serve three days in jail after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and malicious mischief in the "hubcab" incident. These are not the worst charges in the world, although they should be taken seriously. We do not have the highest hopes for the continuation of Tonya's skating career, but only time will tell. Because our visitors seem just as interested in Tonya as a person as they are in her skating career, this site will continue to provide whatever coverage and information--and support--it can.

May 3rd, 2000
Here's the last comment concerning the "triple axel" issue
I was typing too fast when I was discussing Harding at Skate America in 1991--it was at this event that she not only landed the triple axel in both the short programs, but became the first woman to land the jump in combination (triple axel-double toe loop). I stand firm on my assertion that Harding did not do the triple axel in combination at 1991 Worlds simply because I have it all on tape. Harding's impressive short program (wearing a multi-colored long sleeve outfit) included a gorgeous triple lutz-double toe loop combination and a fantastic spin with her hands clasped behind her back (much better the awkward "Harding spin" that she did at 1993 Nationals in Phoenix).
The long program was even better. Opening with the theme from "Batman", Harding's first two jumps--triple lutz and triple axel--were so spectacular that even announcer Sandra Bezic (who during the next few years was not exactly Harding's greatest fan) was ecstatic about them. However, Harding did reduce her difficulty in two other jumps. Yamaguchi did not, of course, attempt the triple axel (never did) but completed the triple lutz combination and actually landed more triple jumps than Harding in the long program. What really won it for Kristi (and I am a fan of both of them, so I'm trying to be objective here) was a more polished program, compared to Harding's music, which was a combination of Batman, Send in the Clowns and (!) Funky Cold Medina. I believe I have every televised performance of Tonya's since then. I, like many other people I'm sure, was not a figure skating fan at all, but I had heard that this girl from Oregon who landed the most difficult jump of all to win the national title--I did not see it on TV when it happened, but because other people who were not even figure skating fans were talking about this (and we would see the jump during the ABC Wide World of Sports opening), I was curious to check it out when the Worlds were shown two months later. So, I taped it and was hooked! I found Tonya's story and rise to the top a really great story and began to follow her career. Especially endearing was Tonya's exhibition program where she good-naturedly tried the triple axel again, but fell on it--then the announcer asked her to go out and try it one more time! She almost landed it the second time.
I teach (among other subjects) Sociology of Sport at a major university, and when the events of early 1994 unfolded, it all became a major part of my class--I felt that the entire episode said a lot about our society--plus, Major League Baseball went on strike that spring, so I felt that here was a golden opportunity for my class to be in the midst of two watershed moments in sport. I was able to put together an edited video, showing several of Tonya's performances and letting the class decide if the judges were being fair to Tonya. And, of course, there was the issue of the media--here was an event that mesmerized the American public for six weeks, we simply could not get enough of it, and why was that (some great discussions in our class about that one)?
I'm a fan of Tonya's and wish her the best, but I'm afraid for her and her fans that we won't see her skate again. I hope I'm wrong, but that seems to be the general consensus

May 1st, 2000
Here's another comment concerning the "triple axel" issue.
Regarding Tonya's triple axels... Well, when I watched the World Figure Skating Championships on television back in 1991 I saw Tonya complete a triple axel in combination with another jump. If the writer below contends the second jump was not in combination with the triple axel then I can only say he or she wasn't paying attention, as there were no skating strokes of any kind which occured between the two jumps. That's what makes something a "combination" rather than two separate jumps.
Also, I will concede to faulty memory regarding Tonya's having landed two triple axel combinations at that competition--though my brain still recalls two of them. And yes, Yamaguchi was handed the gold medal: her "flawless" skating did not even come close to the difficulty of Tonya's programs. It's also interesting that the rebuttal writer, who asserts such detailed knowledge of Tonya's triple axels and her 1991 Worlds programs, is unaware of her having completed three of them four years prior to the 1991 Worlds. Perhaps the USFSA's campaign of silence (and Tonya's lack of whining) regarding her Redwoods accomplishments can be held responsible for that ignorance.
The rebuttal writer is entirely correct in her or his inference that Tonya would have attracted great attention through recent attempts at triple axels. I, too, feel she should have taken every gig offered her--no matter how small the remuneration; and she would have been wise to train for triple axels, a jump she still did occasionally in practices, to be included in her professional programs. I know she always wants to do triple axels in competition, but I believe she suffered a total loss of confidence due to the bitter media attacks against her when she failed to complete triple axels in 1992. Since the media dwelled only upon failed triple axels, Tonya just decided the effort wasn't worth the totally negative coverage which would ensue should she not complete an attempt.

April 29th, 2000
Here's a post from our message board which I thought belonged here, too, considering the topic.
The April 27 update on the puppetland site has several inaccuracies. Regarding Tonya Harding's triple axels, I did not know about her completion of them at the Redwoods competition. Nevertheless, we all know that Harding landed one in the long program at the US Nationals in Minnesota in 1991. A few months later, she did it again in the long program at the Worlds in Munich. However, it was not done in combination (as the update suggests). Harding opened with a triple lutz, completed a beautiful triple axel--better than the one at nationals--but then seemingly lost her concentration and singled a planned triple-triple toe immediately afterward. Later in the program Harding also reduced her difficulty on a planned triple salchow combination. Those reductions cost her the title--it was not "given" to Yamaguchi, who skated flawlessly. In the fall of 1991 in Oakland, Harding won Skate America when she completed the triple axel in both the short and long programs--the first woman ever to do so. That was the last time Harding would land the jump in competition--she fell on them at the 92 nationals (short and long programs), 92 Olympics (short and long programs) and 92 worlds (long program). At Skate Canada (late 1992) the jump was not even in her program, and at the 1993 Nationals she pulled it out at the last minute. Her final attempts at the jump were the 1994 Nationals (she singled it) and the 1994 Olympics (another single). On a personal note, I do feel it is a shame what has happened to Tonya--I think she could have created interest in pro events if people knew she would be attempting the jump once again--in fact, that is what got me interested in watching the sport on TV--now, however, the prospect of seeing Harding compete ever again seems highly unlikely.

April 27th, 2000
Perhaps you might want to help debunk the myth which holds Tonya completed only one triple axel in competition. For some reason or other, this urban legend keeps on going and going.... Tonya completed triple axels in the short, long and exhibition programs at the Redwoods tournament during the 1986-87 skating season; she completed a triple axel at the 1991 U.S. Figure Skating Championships (the only one anybody ever mentions); she completed triple axel combinations (!) in both short and long programs at the 1991 World Figure Skating Championships (in which the gold medal was handed to Yamaguchi anyway); and she completed triple axels (how many I cannot recall) at the 1991 Skate America International tournament (considered by many to be her finest-ever performance). All these triple Axels were in competition! Publicity surrounding Tonya's triple axels at the Redwoods tournament has been suppressed by the USFSA, since it wasn't a USFSA tournament and since it was Tonya who performed them.
Subsequently, the existing video-taped record of her triple axels at Redwoods has been "lost."

April 26th, 2000
During last night's Court TV special, Ice Follies, the statement was made that Tonya had only landed one triple axel in competition. As Joe Haran reminds us, she actually landed three! We have sent notice of that fact to Court TV, and await their repsonse, if any.

April 2nd, 2000
Harris Olympic Poll Results
If you proceed here and enter the username "Olympics" and the password "results" you can view the results of the recent Harris Online Poll cncerning the U.S. Olympic movement. Please feel free to comment on the results, as we'd be interested in your reaction!

March 28th, 2000
Another skating attack! French Skater Attacked in Hotel
Yahoo! provides the story

March 28th, 2000
Apparently, Court TV is going to run a Tonya-related special on April 25th. The details can be found at the Yahoo! website using this link.

March 25th, 2000
Here's a link to a Yahoo! news update with pretty much the same details as we give you below, although it does appear that there is at least some positive dialogue happening between defense counsel and prosecutor.
News Story

March 24th, 2000
puppetland sources have let us know that Tonya's recently expected court date has been postponed. This is not unusual procedure, and only later reports will tell us if this indicates any important development. This may indicate, at least, that we aren't dealing with a "gung-ho" prosecutor.

March 14th, 2000
Just confirmed by Terry Hall is that the on-again, off-again, relationship between Tonya and Agent Michael Rosenberg is, in fact, off-again. Apparently, Rosenberg first issued a statement to that effect some days ago, but only recently has the split been verified with Linda Lewis. Unfortunate, but not surprising. Having Rosenberg in her corner was a major boon to TH, but we can only wait now, and see what, if any, turns for the better her career can take.

March 11th, 2000
The March 13th Sports Illustrated had this blurb (page 34) about the IOC: "IOC executive Marc Hodler of Switzerland is leading a campaign to make bridge an Olympic event." Now, if the hubcap toss could be included, this whole recent misunderstanding could be cleared up in a few seconds. (Oh, okay, so it's not that should expect a little dark humor...this is puppetland after all.)

March 10th, 2000
Globe tabloid had a cover teaser and two full pages inside its March 14th issue with Darren Silver apparently telling his version of how he was badly "abused" by Tonya during the "night of the hubcap." This guy, in spite of whatever abuse he may have actually suffered, was a snake just waiting for Tonya to mess up so he could run off to the first available media outlet willing to fork over some cash and "reveal" his tawdry story. Weasel. IF Tonya needs help because of problems controlling her temper when she drinks, or if she needs to stop drinking entirely, then she should get some help before she runs entirely out of second chances. But Darren Silver is still a low-life piece of...whatever.

March 2nd, 2000
This "hubcap" incident hasn't been overdone in all the media outlets, thankfully. Sports Illustrated mentioned it, but resisted the usual "trailer park" innuendos, and some morning anchor on MSNBC sort of smirked her way through the story, emphasizing that the couple had returned from an evening of drinking, but at least they didn't pipe in "Dueling Banjos" in the background. On Imus in the Morning the story made the regular news, but the only fun made of it was in reference to the 911 tape, which they said sounded as if it could've come out of the White House.
The 911 tape sounds pretty silly, like two people who've had a few drinks and who really should just turn off the lights and go to bed. Silver comes off like a cry baby, and, actually, most guys I know would've simply left the house (not a trailer, by the way) in a situation like that, "assault" and all. Clearly, this Darren fellow had intended all along to hold Tonya's past over her head if given the chance. She should have seen that coming.
On the 911 tape, Silver refers to TH as a felon. I don't believe she is a felon. A misdemeanant, yeah, but not a felon. I believe she was charged with a felony but pled down to a misdemeanor. Legally, that's a big difference in many jurisdictions. The actual charge, apparently, was fourth degree assault. (That would be the lowest degree possible if Oregon law is at all similar to Illinois law. The problem is that many domestic violence statutes carry mandatory prison time.) The more we hear about this hubcap thing, the more it comes off like a slightly warped "I Love Lucy" episode instead of a vicious, bloody assault. Well, at least Tonya looked pretty in the courtroom.

February 28, 2000
NOTE: Tonya may be appearing on the Larry King show Tuesday on CNN!

February 26, 2000
This message just in from Linda Lewis: "Tonya is very sad by what has happened. She can't discuss the case at this time, nor can I. She sends her love to her fans, and I will keep you posted as much as I can."

February 26, 2000
Just a quick note to assure everyone that their comments and/or their names (Friends Society) will be posted soon. We've been flooded with Tonya-related traffic in the past few days, and the posting process takes a little time. Immediate messages can always be left on our message board, found here. Thanks for your patience.

February 25, 2000..."The Hubcap Incident"
We thought we should make our position clear regarding the latest unfortunate indcident. While we believe that Tonya is subject to cruel and taunting media coverage, as compared to a Dennis Rodman or a Tommy Lee or to any other "misbehaving" celebrity of the week, we cannot deny that the timing of this matter is just plain horrible. Tonya was making great strides, in spite of those who would seek every chance to criticize her. Now, the jackals have their day. Only time will tell how this shakes out. The supporters of Tonya have not deserted her, and have flooded this website with their messages of hope and comfort, which we will endeavor to have posted soon. Many people, no doubt drawn to this Tonya site by the news of the arrest, have submitted their names for inclusion in the Friends Society. The roll call will be updated shortly. For you new visitors, we invite you to take a look around puppetland. We've been making quite a few changes, and are finally getting the content posted that so many have sought after. Please return now and again, maybe even bookmark us, and see what we have to offer as we continue to expand.