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When investigating urban or internet legends, please be aware that some stories may be based on isolated incidents that occurred only because of very unique (or stupid) circumstances. In this sense, then, the story is "true." That doesn't mean that the loudmouth at your cousin's wedding was there when it happened. We feel that when faced with an idiot relating an urban legend who insists it is true, (and these people sometimes even become violent) you have two choices:
1) Express feigned amazement.
2) Ignore them.
A lot of people tell these stories because they are at a loss for original anecdotes. Some sad souls, however, apparently relate them because they find them remarkable truths in an irony-laden world. Anyone who keeps falling for these tales is a GRADE-A moron. Once or even twice, sure. But repeatedly? Sometimes it is hard to tell what is true and what is bogus, but then you do what thinking people do, you ask around, do a little research, check out at least a dozen websites (keeping in mind that the internet is completely unreliable), try to find anyone that will actually admit to being there at the moment these incredible things happened! If you do find someone, ask yourself if they are known for their astounding ability to produce piles of manure from their mouths.
Remember to corroborate sources!
Thanks for visiting, feel free to ask any question, even if you think it sounds stupid. Hey, at least you had the good sense to come here! We don't know it all yet, but we're getting there with the help of people like you who stop to think for a moment before they set their tongues to waggin'.

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